The mobility is essential part of our modern world. The Technospring Kft. have prepared to produce every spring to all of the technical devices. We are leading contractor of automotive industry. Also we supply the springs for train brake systems.




We supply our products for the following technical devices:

-          Springs for cars and trucks

-          Valve springs for different engines

-          Clutch springs

-          Springs for brake systems of cars and trucks

-          Formed springs for windows and doors

-          Springs for oil filters

-          Springs for starting engines

-          Springs for railway braking systems

-          Springs for fuel tank lid



Technical equipment and possibilities of our factory makes us possible to undertake satisfying the hardest technological and quality demands. Beyond this, we undertake to produce springs for trucks, bikes, cable railways, elevators, ships.







Product groups:


Extension springs

Plate springs

Compression springs

Torsion springs


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